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Benchmark Appraisal Group knows real estate valuation in Sacramento and Sacramento County

As licensed appraisers, we have the know-how and qualifications to give you the type of dependable real estate value opinions that banks and top lending institutions require for mortgages. With years of experience under our belt, we're prepared to help our clients with a variety of property types.

For any of the following valuation services in or around Sacramento, California, just call Benchmark Appraisal Group:
Divorce settlements when an accurate value estimate of the shared home is required
A reliable expert witness for court cases involving the value of real estate in Sacramento
Determining market value on a home involved in a bankruptcy
Choosing an appropriate listing price for your property
Challenging your home's assessed value if you live in an area where house prices have gone down
Increasing your HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
Mortgage professionals needing an experienced Sacramento County appraiser
Retrospective home valuations
Relocation coordinators that need a local Sacramento County appraisal expert
Appraisal review: Getting a second opinion on a past appraisal in or around Sacramento, California
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1-yr Adj 2.74% 3.4%
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